WIP #1 — List the snBNB Pool (snBNB/BNB) on Wombat's Voting Gauge


With the planned deployment of the snBNB/BNB pool on Wombat Exchange (BSC), the next step for Synclub includes listing the snBNB/BNB pool on Wombat’s voting gauge. This addition would enable snBNB/BNB liquidity providers to earn a share of the daily WOM emissions from the platform.


By listing the snBNB/BNB liquidity pool on Wombat’s voting gauge and providing $100 bribes/week, Synclub can potentially extend its reach through Wombat’s emission distribution mechanism. Consequently, this could enhance rewards for snBNB depositors and lead to increased liquidity depth, as users can potentially earn a higher APR. Listing the snBNB/BNB pool would also have a significant positive impact on Wombat protocol’s Total Value Locked (TVL).


The proposal calls for the inclusion of the snBNB Pool on Wombat’s voting gauge (BSC)

Snapshot URL


Next Steps

If the voting process achieves its objectives, Synclub will then work with Wombat to proceed to deploy the snBNB pool on the Wombat Exchange voting gauge.


Temperature Check URL: Temperature Check - List the snBNB Pool (snBNB/BNB) on Wombat's Voting Gauge

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