WIP #2 -- List the mPENDLE/PENDLE Pool on Wombat’s Voting Gauge

With the scheduled deployment of the mPENDLE/PENDLE pool on Wombat Exchange via Arbitrum, the subsequent step for Penpie involves listing the mPENDLE/PENDLE pool on Wombat’s voting gauge. This would enable mPENDLE/PENDLE liquidity providers to earn a portion of the daily WOM emissions from the platform. Also, Penpie is committed to maximizing this opportunity by offering bribes for Wombat voters in order to get their support.
Listing the mPENDLE/PENDLE liquidity pool on Wombat’s voting gauge allows Penpie to potentially extend its reach by leveraging Wombat’s emission distribution mechanism. This could increase rewards for mPENDLE depositors, leading to greater liquidity depth as users can earn a higher APR. Penpie’s goal is to incentivize voters, creating a mutually beneficial scenario for both platforms, committed liquidity providers for mPENDLE and enhanced benefits for Wombat voters.
The proposal entails the listing of the mPENDLE Pool on Wombat’s voting gauge via Arbitrum. Penpie will incentivize Wombat voters who back the pool.
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Next Steps
If the voting process achieves its objectives, Penpie will then work with Wombat to proceed to deploy the mPENDLE pool on the Wombat Exchange voting gauge.
Temperature Check URL: Temperature Check - List the mPENDLE/PENDLE Pool on Wombat's Voting Gauge