WIP #4 — List the USDS Pool (USDS/USDT) on Wombat’s Voting Gauge

With the deployment date of the USDS/USDT pool on Wombat Exchange (BNB Chain) in plan, Sable Finance is prepared to raise the motion for the listing of the USDS/USDT pool on Wombat’s voting gauge. The new pool in addition would enable USDS/USDT liquidity providers to benefit from earning an extra share of the daily WOM emissions via gauge voting.

It has always been part of the development plan of Sable Finance to maximize accessibility of USDS and users’ capital efficiency. The extension of the USDS utility via listing the USDS liquidity pool (USDS/USDT) on Wombat Exchange was aiming for its simple and secure emission distribution mechanism and efficiency for swapping stable assets.

Listing the USDS/USDT pool would incentivize both committed USDS depositors and loyal veWOM voters, making them mutually beneficiary, contributing to Wombat’s Total Value Locked (TVL).

The proposal calls for the inclusion of the USDS Pool on Wombat’s voting gauge (BNB Chain).

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Next Steps
If the voting process achieves its objectives, Sable Finance will then work with Wombat to proceed the deployment of the USDS pool on the Wombat Exchange’s voting gauge.

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About Sable Finance
Sable Finance is the #1 reformative primitive for ETH LSD-backed stablecoin on Arbitrum and BNB Chain. Its decentralized stablecoin, USDS, is fully collateralized by Ethereum LSD at a minimum collateral ratio of 110%.

The beta launch of Sable focuses on building the portal where BNB collateral is utilized for minting USDS, a decentralized stablecoin; whilst Sable V2 will be engineered to mint for USDS fuel by Ethereum LSD liquidity as collateral on both BNB Chain & Arbitrum.

Sable Finance is launching its Beta dApp on 3 August 2023. For more details on how users can leverage BNB for USDS to achieve yield maximization, check out this article for more:

You can also visit Sable’s website here.


Adding voting gauge is always a good idea :innocent:

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I’m looking forward to adding☺️great idea!

agree with this, shifting to the use of decentralized stablecoins is important given what’s happened in the past year. getting more adoption of decentralized stablecoins is a big step towards how we do that.