How to create a Consensus Check?

To conduct a Consensus Check for your proposal, follow these steps:

  1. Revise your proposal based on the feedback received from the Temperature Check. Create a new topic on Discourse titled “WIP # - [Your Title Here]” in the Consensus Check category. This notifies the community that your proposal has passed the Temperature Check. Remember to include a link to the discussion thread of the Temperature Check. Admins/moderators will remove any topics that do not meet the Temperature Check requirements.

  2. Ensure that you place your thread under the appropriate sub-category, such as New pool, New token, or New bribe.

  3. Contact the admin by mentioning @admins in your post reply to request the creation of a new Snapshot poll for your proposal. In your post reply, provide essential information, including the proposal content, relevant links, the Temperature Check thread, and the Consensus Check thread.

  4. The Snapshot vote will remain open for seven days. Make sure to include the Snapshot poll URL in your Consensus Check thread.

  5. Respond to any questions related to the Consensus Check topic while maintaining impartiality.

  6. At the end of the voting period, the option with the majority of votes will be considered the winning option, indicating that the proposal has passed. To pass the Consensus Check, the winning option must have more than 50% yes-votes and a minimum of 18M veWOM yes-votes on both chains. Once the consensus test is successful, a one-day timelock will be implemented before executing the proposal.

  7. If the option “Make no change” emerges as the winner, the Consensus Check topic will be closed by admins/moderators.