How to develop a community proposal

As part of the governance process at Wombat Exchange, community members have the opportunity to submit a Community Proposal through the forum and actively participate in commenting and discussing it. To ensure productive feedback from the community, proposals should include the following components in the specified order:

Proposal Structure:

  • Title: Choose a clear and appropriate title, such as “Temperature Check - [Your Title Here]”

  • Abstract: Provide a concise summary highlighting the key points of your proposal.

  • Motivation: Present a comprehensive explanation of the proposal’s purpose and how it would benefit the Wombat Exchange community. The more informative and specific your explanation, the better.

  • Specification: Clearly and precisely describe the technical details and implementation of the proposal.

  • Next Steps: Outline the subsequent actions that will be taken once the Temperature Check is approved, including any necessary Snapshot links.

  • References: Include any relevant sources or references that support the arguments and points made in your proposal.

Then, remember to add the poll to your post.

  1. Click on the gear icon 螢幕截圖 2023-06-28 下午4.50.54 in the text editor.
  2. Select “Build Poll.”
    螢幕截圖 2023-06-28 下午4.51.41
  3. Insert the desired poll options and settings.
  4. Publish the post.
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