Wombat Governance Process

To facilitate your engagement in Wombat’s governance process, we provide a clear outline of the platforms involved and the steps to follow when submitting a proposal.

Platforms involved:

  1. Discourse Forum: Visit https://gov.wombat.exchange to participate in discussions and share your ideas with the community. Please note that new members must fulfill certain requirements before being allowed to post. These requirements include reading at least 30 posts, spending 10 minutes reading, and actively participating in at least 5 topics.

  2. Snapshot: Snapshot enables off-chain voting, weighted by the number of veWOM on all chains. Please be aware that only the Wombat team can submit proposals on Snapshot. If your proposal successfully passes the Temperature Check stage, you can contact the Wombat team to create a Snapshot poll for you by mentioning @admins in your post reply.

Flow of the governance process:

Step 1: Temperature Check

The Temperature Check phase assesses community support for your suggestion or idea. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Post a general proposal in the Temperature Check category on the Discourse forum, addressing a potential change. For example, your post title could be “Temperature Check - [Your Title Here].”

  2. Follow the proposal structure outlined in the Proposal Structure document.

  3. Community members can express their interest in the proposal by replying and voting on your forum post.

A Temperature Check is considered successful if the discussion receives a minimum of 15 votes during the seven-day period.

If the Temperature Check suggests a potential change is needed, the process proceeds to Step 2. Conversely, if the Temperature Check does not indicate a need for change, the admins/moderators will close the topic.

Step 2: Consensus Check

The Consensus Check stage involves a formal discussion on the proposal. Follow these steps:

  1. Revise your proposal based on the feedback received during the Temperature Check.

  2. Create a new topic on the Discourse forum titled “WIP #(order of your proposal) — [Your Title Here]” in the Consensus Check category. This notifies the community that your proposal passed the Temperature Check. Link the new discussion thread to the Temperature Check thread. The admins/moderators will review and approve the proposal, removing any topics that did not meet the Temperature Check requirements.

  3. Contact the admin to create a Snapshot poll for your proposal. Please include the following information in your post reply: Proposal content, relevant links, Temperature Check thread, and Consensus Check thread.

  4. The Snapshot vote will last for seven days. Make sure to add the Snapshot poll URL to your Consensus Check thread.

  5. During the Consensus Check phase, respond to questions regarding your proposal while maintaining an impartial stance.

  6. At the end of the voting period, the option with the majority of votes is considered the winning choice and the proposal is deemed passed. For the Consensus Check to be successful, it must receive over 50% yes-votes and a 18M veWOM yes-vote quorum on both chains. Once the consensus is reached, a one-day timelock will be implemented before executing the proposal.