How to create a Temperature Check?

To gauge community support for your suggestion or idea, you can conduct a temperature check using the following steps:

  1. Create a post in the Idea category on Discourse, proposing a potential change. Format the title as “Temperature Check - [Your Title Here].” For instance: “Temperature Check - Should we add $BTC pool to Wombat Exchange?”

  2. Utilize the proposal structure outlined in Proposal Structure section.

  3. Community members can demonstrate their interest in the post by engaging with it, such as liking it, participating in the discussion, and voting on the proposal.

  4. The Temperature Check will be deemed successful if the poll attached to your post receives a minimum of 15 votes within the seven-day discussion period.

  5. If the Temperature Check indicates that a change is not necessary, the administrators or moderators will close the topic. However, if it suggests the potential for a change, the process will proceed to a Consensus Check.

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